raoh is a tough guy with a battle power estimated at 3,000,000,000

but can a black person put out such a number?

let us investigate

raoh was born to UNKOWN mother, so it is not know if she is black

raoh's father appeared in an OVA and he was white but that was only due to the low video quality of the master

his parents will not tell us the answer, so we must press on!

raoh's brother is SPOILER!! jesus, who is not black

or he is

popularly, jesus is white, but only because of the racial prejudices set from modern day white christians

looking at the actual evidence jesus couldnt have been white or he would have been more of a prick

SO we can say that jesus (raoh brother) was pakistani or black

lets look at raoh himself


if this theory is confirmed, then we can safely assume that Raoh is the strongest multiversal Person of Colour! (three cheers for Shonen Jump!)

big nose dead ass eyes yep he looks black to me

what are your guys' thoughts?

please begin discussion